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Kola Branch of PetrSU

     Professor, Doctor of Physics and Mathematics 
    Vladimir A.Putilov

Kosmonavtov str., 3, Apatity, Murmansk region, Russia, 184200,
Tel.: ( +7) 810-00 340-50, ( +7) 810-00 319-21
Fax: +47 789 14010 add 132

The Kola Branch of Petrozavodsk State University (PetrSU) in Apatity was founded according to the Order of the Russian Federation State Committee on Higher Education N1053 as of October 26, 1994.

The curricula are being developed on the basis of the curricula of Faculties of Biology, Economics and Mathematics of PetrSU.

Distance education issues are being currently discussed with the three participating sides: PetrSU, the Kola Branch of PetrSU and the University of Umeå (Sweden).



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