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Print Created: 27.11.2015

The autumn stage of the Open championship of PetrSU for sports programming

 On November 8, the Department of career guidance in conjunction with the Club of creative programming in the framework of the subproject "The School of creative programming" of the Strategic Development Program of Petrozavodsk State University held the autumn stage of the PetrSU championship for sports programming, which traditionally brings together both the strongest and novice programmers from among pupils and students of the Faculty of Mathematics and Information Technologies. The individual competition was attended by 42 people,

The results of the competition were as follows. Among the novice students 1st place was won by Kirill Dubinin, 2nd year; 2 place - Alena Kobeleva, 1st year; 3 place - Anton Korpusenko, 1st year. Among the "advanced" students, the most experienced members of the Club of creativity of programmers, the laurels went to Nikolai Ermolin, 3rd year, 2nd place was taken by Svyatoslav Starkov, 4th year, 3rd place - by Vladimir Kukushkin, 3rd year.


Schoolchildren had their own victories. The "Junior" category was won entirely by "University Lyceum" students: Efim Anisimov, 1st place (Grade 8), Alexander Timofeev, 2nd place (Grade 11), Daniel Pankratiev, 3rd place (Grade 11).
In the category "Olympiad": Valentin Buchnev, 1st place (Grade 11 at "University Lyceum"); Timofei Remeslennikov, 2nd place (Grade 11 at “University Lyceum”), Lev Kovalenko, 3rd place (Grade 11 at Lyceum #1).
After the tutorial held by Valentin Ermishin, the captain of the first team of the Club of creative programming, a 5th year student, the winners were awarded diplomas and prizes provided by the software development company "Daturum" and the main sponsor of the championship - the Internet provider
Despite the fact that PetrSU student teams are now undergoing intensive training for the semi-finals of the world championship in programming, the team members and their coach Alexander Fedulin - a recent graduate of Petrozavodsk State University - held their first competition of the season of the PetrSU Open Championship for sports programming.


The educational programs of the Club of creative programming under the guidance of university students involves 95 pupils; the program implemented by head of the Club Professor VA Kuznetsov involves some 20 first-year students of the Faculty of Mathematics and Information Technology. The open championship in programming gives everyone the opportunity to test their strength and knowledge in future competitions due in February and April 2016.



Валентин Ермишин В.А. Кузнецов и А.А. Федулин
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