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30.12.2014 | Today saw the opening of the Institute of High biomedical technologies of Petrozavodsk State University. The opening of the Institute was attended the Minister of Health of the Russian Federation V. Skvortsova and Deputy Minister of Education and Science of the Russian Federation V. Kaganov
30.12.2014 | Student of the Faculty of Economics PetrSU Irina Moiseevskaya entered the top ten finalists of "Miss Student Russia - 2014", and won the titles of "Miss Friendship" and "Miss Grace" On December 15, Stavropol held the finals of the 8th contest of beauty and creativity "Miss Student of Russia - 2014", with representatives of more than 35 regions of Russia.
30.12.2014 | From 4 to 13 December, Petrozavodsk State University hosted the international forum "EuroNorth 2014" "Classic University of transborder space in the European North: the strategy of innovative development"
30.12.2014 | PetrSU held a videoconference with representatives of the "Skolkovo" Foundation
30.12.2014 | Petrozavodsk State University hosted the International Academic Seminar "The frontier nature of celebration in Scandinavia and Russia"
30.12.2014 | Student Scientific Society (SSS) of PetrSU at the All-Russian Student Forum
19.12.2014 | The IIP of PetrSU has completed the online course "Korea in International Relations" (MOOK)
19.12.2014 | PetrSU is holding the International Academic Workshop "Breakthrough nanotechnology for high-tech industries of the European North"
19.12.2014 | The Department of Geography of PetrSU held a meeting with the head of educational programs of the University of Eastern Finland
19.12.2014 | Associate Professor of the Faculty of Mathematics of Petrozavodsk State University held a training course in Pisa, Italy
19.12.2014 | Meeting of the EU research Club
19.12.2014 | PetrSU participated in the educational exhibition "STUDIA 2014" in Helsinki, Finland
19.12.2014 | PetrSU took part in the international conference "European Security: searching for joint responses to threats and challenges"
17.12.2014 | PetrSU started reporting workshop on preject "New cross-border solutions in the field of intensification of forest management and increasing the use of wood fuel in the energy sector"
17.12.2014 | PetrSU in the finals of the international competition of English language translators and literary editors of "Marketing. Transcreation. Copyediting"
17.12.2014 | A student of PetrSU on her participation in the III European Youth Forum "Migration in the EU"
17.12.2014 | Foreign students at "The evening of national cuisine"
17.12.2014 | PetrSU took part in the International Youth Competition "Future Aces of computer 3D-modeling 2014"
17.12.2014 | PetrSU at the III European Youth Forum devoted to migration in the EU
17.12.2014 | Beginning of the school year for Jordanian students of pre-university training
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